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Latest publications

Vertical Bone Augmentation with an Autogenous Block or Particles in Combination with Guided Bone Regeneration: A Clinical and Histological Preliminary Study in Humans.
Isabella Rocchietta, Massimo Simion, Maria Hoffmann, Davide Trisciuoglio, Marco Benigni et al.
Clinical implant dentistry and related research, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 19–29 2016
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Extracellular Vesicles: Evolving Factors in Stem Cell Biology
Muhammad Nawaz, Farah Fatima, Krishna C. Vallabhaneni, Patrice Penfornis, Hadi Valadi et al.
Stem Cells International, Volume 2016, Issue 1073140, 2016
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Fluoride-containing bioactive glasses: Glass design, structure, bioactivity, cellular interactions, and recent developments
Furqan A. Shah
Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, Volume 58, Pages 1279-1289 2016
Journal Article

Dental implants with internal versus external connections: 1-year post-loading results from a pragmatic multicenter randomised controlled trial
Marco Esposito, H. Maghaireh, R. Pistilli, M. G. Grusovin, S. T. Lee et al.
European Journal of Oral Implantology, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 331-344 2015
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Short implants as an alternative to crestal sinus lift: A 1-year multicentre randomised controlled trial
P. Felice, R. Pistilli, C. Barausse, V. Bruno, A. Trullenque-Eriksson et al.
European Journal of Oral Implantology, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 375-384 2015
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Immediate loading of post-extractive versus delayed placed single implants in the anterior maxilla: outcome of a pragmatic multicenter randomised controlled trial 1-year after loading
Marco Esposito, C. Barausse, R. Pistilli, M. Jacotti, G. Grandi et al.
European Journal of Oral Implantology, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 347-358 2015
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Immediately loaded machined versus rough surface dental implants in edentulous jaws: One-year post-loading results of a pilot randomised controlled trial
Marco Esposito, P. Felice, C. Barausse, R. Pistilli, G. Grandi et al.
European Journal of Oral Implantology, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 387-396 2015
Journal Article, peer-reviewed


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Dahlin, Christer Professor, adjungerad christer.dahlin@biomaterials.gu.se
Ekström, Karin Researcher +46 31 7862919 karin.ekstrom@biomaterials.gu.se
Elgali, Ibrahim PhD Student +46 31 7862898 ibrahim.elgali@gu.se
Emanuelsson, Lena Forskningslab +46 31 7862982 lena.emanuelsson@biomaterials.gu.se
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Farzad, Payam PhD Student payam.farzad@gu.se
Friberg, Bertil Reader bertil.friberg@vgregion.se
Göthberg, Catharina PhD Student catharina.gothberg@lj.se
Hoffman, Maria Forskningslab +46 31 7862981 maria.hoffman@biomaterials.gu.se
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Karazisis, Dimitrios PhD Student +46 31 7862962 dimitrios.karazisis@biomaterials.gu.se
Karlsson, Camilla Reader camilla.karlsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Kirkpatrick, Charles James Professor, gäst cjkirkpatrick@biomaterials.gu.se
Lausmaa, Jukka Reader +46 31 7862971 jukka.lausmas@obgyn.gu.se
Lennerås, Maria Doctoral student maria.lenneras@gu.se
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Omar, Omar Researcher +46 31 7862951 omar.omar@biomaterials.gu.se
Palmquist, Anders Researcher +46 31 7862971 anders.palmquist@biomaterials.gu.se
Ristevski, Zoran PhD Student zoran.ristevski@gu.se
Rydén, Louise PhD Student louise.ryden@biomaterials.gu.se
Sayardoust, Shariel PhD Student shariel.sayardoust@biomaterials.gu.se
Shah, Furqan Ali Doctoral student +46 31 7862977 furqan.ali.shah@biomaterials.gu.se
Stenlund, Patrik PhD Student +46 31 7862971 patrik.stenlund@gu.se
Svensson, Sara Postdoctor +46 31 7862963 sara.svensson@biomaterials.gu.se
Tengvall, Pentti Professor +46 31 7862745 pentti.tengvall@gu.se
Thomsen, Peter Professor +46 31 7862964 peter.thomsen@biomaterials.gu.se
Trobos, Margarita Researcher +46 31 7862963 margarita.trobos@biomaterials.gu.se
Turri, Alberto PhD Student +46 31 7866441 alberto.turri@odontologi.gu.se
Utterhall, Maria Administrativ koordinator +46 31 7862966 maria.utterhall@gu.se
Vazirisani, Forugh Research engineer +46 31 7862977 forugh.vazirisani@biomaterials.gu.se
Wang, Xiaoqin Doctoral student +46 31 7862946 xiaoqin.wang@biomaterials.gu.se
Werthén, Maria Reader +46 31 7862963 maria.werthen@molnlycke.com
Zaborowska, Magdalena Doctoral student +46 31 7862755 magdalena.zaborowska@biomaterials.gu.se

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Editorial: Supplement issues.
Marco Esposito, Michele Nieri, Jerome A Lindeboom, Søren Schou
European journal of oral implantology, Volume 4, Issue 5, Pages 2 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

RNA-containing exosomes in human nasal secretions.
Cecilia Lässer, Serena O'Neil, Linda Ekerljung, Karin Ekström, Margareta Sjöstrand et al.
American journal of rhinology & allergy, Volume 25, Issue 2, Pages 89-93 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Enamel matrix derivative stimulates expression and secretion of resistin in mesenchymal cells.
Maria V Obregon-Whittle, Astrid K Stunes, Sofia Almqvist, Steven J Brookes, James D Lee et al.
European journal of oral sciences, Volume 119 Suppl 1, Pages 366-72 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Alternative fabrication method for chairside fiber-reinforced composite resin provisional fixed partial dentures.
Ahmed Ballo, Pekka Vallittu
The International journal of prosthodontics, Volume 24, Issue 5, Pages 453-6 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Cell expansion of human articular chondrocytes on macroporous gelatine scaffolds-impact of microcarrier selection on cell proliferation.
Sofia Pettersson, Jonas Wetterö, Pentti Tengvall, Gunnar Kratz
Biomedical materials, Volume 6, Issue 6, Pages 065001 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

A novel technique for tailored surface modification of dental implants - a step wise approach based on plasma immersion ion implantation.
Luiz Meirelles, Emilia Tieko Uzumaki, Jose Henrique Cavalcanti Lima, Carlos Alberto Muller, Tomas Albrektsson et al.
Clinical oral implants research, Volume Early view, 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

In vivo stability of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles coated on titanium implant surfaces.
Ann Wennerberg, Ryo Jimbo, Stefan Allard, Gunnar Skarnemark, Martin Andersson
The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants, Volume 26, Issue 6, Pages 1161-6 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Laminin Coating Promotes Calcium Phosphate Precipitation on Titanium Discs in vitro.
Kostas Bougas, Victoria Franke Stenport, Pentti Tengvall, Fredrik Currie, Ann Wennerberg
Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Research, Volume 2 , Issue 4, Pages e5 2011
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

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